Women's Issues are Our Issues

Established in 1989, Sister  Namibia is one of the first NGO's and possibly the oldest women's rights organisation in Namibia.
Through our flagship product, a quarterly magazine, we have been a constant voice for women and women's equality throughout the lifespan of independent Namibia.
We are pushing into new communication technologies as a way to promote women's interests and concerns not only in Namibia, but beyond our borders as well.

Sister Namibia
We aim to achieve a society that challenges all forms of discrimination and champions fair and inclusive practices through constant dialogue, critique and response to current issues.

A Feminist Voice

Our vision is to be a feminist voice that fosters equality, human dignity and women’s agency.
Celebrating Phenomenal Women
Our September 2012 issue is a celebration of women whose extra-ordinary contributions in a range of fields have and continue to enrich the lives of many. Seven Namibian women who overcame difficulties, stereotypes and discrimination to become leaders in their specific areas of expertise share their stories.
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Sister Joins the World in Celebrating Youth Day

Our September 2013 issue is a dedication to young people across the globe in commemoration of International Youth Day which was celebrated on August 12th under the theme: "Youth Migration: Moving Development Further."

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